We support entrepreneurs dedicated to positively changing the world.

We put prophets above profits, and guide our investment decisions with our philosophies. We focus on projects that align with our ethics and values on creating a better existence for all humanity. Our model measures ROI as the Return on Impact.

key areas of impact

Our Focus

Invention is the mother of all things. Major human behavioral shifts are the main driver of progress. Innovation takes risk, belief, luck and magic.
Blockchain will fundamentally change the way the world works. From decentralized finance to communications, this is the revolution.
Humans require sound mind, body and spirit to thrive. We back communities, artists and gatherings facilitating higher purpose and creativity.
As new systems emerge for globally distributed groups to work together, new structures of democracy must be implemented.
Earth is still the most important asset we share. Our collective success relies on a sustainable, regenerative environment for future generations.
Augmented Intelligence and A.I. is the future work. As humans and machines collaborate, we advance faster than ever before.
Be a unicorn.
Now is the time to become a billionaire. Share your mission with us, and the world, to positively impact the lives of billions of people.